Haz-Mat on I-95

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Hazmat ContractorsConnecticut DEP requested Darien FD to respond to a hazardous materials incident at the I-95 northbound rest area Monday, February 1, at 7:25 PM.  A tractor trailer, containing about two dozen barrels of toxic and highly flammable chemicals, parked on the west side of the rest area.  DEP and fire officials closed much of the rest area, according to published guidelines specific to the materials on board the truck.

A hazardous materials clean up company was called in by DEP.  In the event the materials ignited, Darien firefighters were ready to fight the fire, close I-95, and evacuate the area.

It was determined that one of the barrels was ruptured in the truck.  Our crews were on scene for five hours.