Retired Engine 41

Engine 41

Engine 41 is a 1975 Mack CF600. Originally built completely by Mack, it was refurbished in 1989. During the refurb, a four door cab extension was added, the original steel body was completely removed and replaced with an aluminum body and poly water tank. One of the main features of this truck is the customized rear cabinet which holds a Hurst Omni tool, small ram, gas power unit, and cribbing. This is our 2nd due truck to MVA’s and the added tools give us flexibility in responding to these incidents. The appartus’ features include:

  • Mack E6-237 engine
  • Allison HT-740 automatic transmission (during refurb)
  • 166″ wheelbase
  • Waterous 1250 GPM 2-stage pump
  • 2000 ft of 5″ hose
  • Four 1-3/4″ preconnects
  • Two 2-1/2″ preconnects
  • Stang brand deck gun