2019 Officers

Chief: Victor Pensiero

The Chief is responsible for all actions, incidents, and activities of the Darien Fire Department.

1st Assistant Chief: Brian Francefort

The First Assistant Chief assists the Chief in the discharge of his duties. He is responsible for the personnel of the department and oversees the actions of the Lieutenants.

2nd Assistant Chief: Alex Orsi

The Second Assistant Chief assists the Chief in the discharge of his duties. He is responsible for department equipment.

Captain: Larry Castellani

The Captain is responsible for all firefighter training

Chief Engineer: Sean McAleer

The Chief Engineer is responsible for maintenance and service on all department apparatus. He is also responsible for training and qualifying all department drivers.

Assistant Chief Engineer: Gregg Karas

The Assistant Chief Engineer assists the Chief Engineer with the discharge of his duties.


It is the Lieutenants’ responsibility to ensure that his or her assigned apparatus and all its equipment is in working condition. The Lieutenants oversee the actions of each firefighter assigned to the company.

Engine Co. 41 – Jason Sabito
Engine Co. 42 – Chris Reilly
Ladder Co. 43 – Jun Takayasu
Rescue Co. 44 – Yarnel Valle
Superintendent of Alarms: Samantha Drayson

The Superintendent of Alarms is responsible for filing appropriate incident reports for all alarms of the department, and for maintaining the department’s fire notification equipment. This person also serves as Lieutenant for the Tanker company.

VICE PRESIDENT Andrew Malewicz
TREASURER Jack Dowling
SECRETARY Samantha Drayson
TRUSTEE Todd Deklyn
Dennis Smith
Chris Condors
Matthew Lucero
Dan Anderson
Joe Bohrer